Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Republic Skatepark Open House!

We have finally reached the point in our scene where we have a indoor place to ride some BMX!  Hooray for New Republic Skatepark!  This coming Friday and Saturday will mark the 1st indoor season for area BMX'ers since 2007 when the Oasis Skatepark was forced to close due to a very leaky ceiling.  Most of the ramps and obstacles were re-purposed to the New Republic Park over the last winter and summer.

Rich Hoppe - Donny Manco - Dan Butler

The park is a community project that came from the mind of Donny Manco, founder of The Framework, a community project to gain mentors to help get involved with under privileged kids.  The park is also attached to a community center which helps out the local community, and the kids in many different ways.

Over the last year the park has undergone some changes in management, the park has been open to skateboarders for one year, the skate side is currently ran by Dan Butler.  Dan has been a staple in the Fort Wayne area, known for his passion for the sport on and off his skateboard.  Dan and Donny came to me over this past summer and wanted my input to see if the park was even a good place to allow BMX.  I arranged to meet up to give the place a test ride,  I hung up on a 7' quarter pipe, crashed super hard resulting in a at least one broken rib, got up an said yep this place is good enough for BMX!

We have revamped the park and will be open for at least 5 days a week for sessions both BMX and Skate. Our goal is to provide a safe and legal place for anyone who wants to ride!  Help us on our new journey by coming out and supporting LOCAL!

Here are some Pictures from the 1st few BMX Sessions over the summer.  Photos: Jahred Gamez

Getting Wild with a Fast Plant (Rich Hoppe)

Flair by Jacob Marks

A view of the Box Jump 

Tuck No Hander by Danny Rumple

Abubica on the 7' Quarter by Reggie Styles

Food, Contests and Prizes will be given out, $5 for Riders, no charge if you are a parent or supporter.  T-Shirts will be available for $8 Dollers!  We do accept donations and volunteers if you have time or extra money!

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-Posted By Rich Hoppe
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