Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The New Republic Skatepark - A Brand New Place to Ride BMX in Fort Wayne!

Riders Ready?  After a few months of negotiations we now have an open place to meet up and ride some BMX together.  New Republic Skatepark is part of a community center operated by The Framework, a local non for profit organization started by Fort Wayne's own Donny Manco.
The framework helps build relationships with the community by lending a hand to those who otherwise would have no one to lean on.  We appreciate the fact the organizations like the Framework are right in our very own back yard, now it gives us as BMX'ers an opportunity not only to ride indoors all year long, but also to help out in any way we can to ensure that we have a safe and local  place to meet up and get our ride on.

 The Framework also provides a community center inside the same building that has after school programs to help out  the youth with homework, reading, writing, and mentoring to some kids who may not have access at home. The community center also provides a place to gather for concerts, fundraisers, and other community events that helps the city flourish from within. By providing a gathering place like this, ideas and projects that come to life from the people directly involved via skateboarding and BMX!

I am psyched to see something like this in our city and hope that we can "Bridge the Gap" between Skateboarding and BMX, as we both share the same passion for essentially the same sport.  Let us work towards something we can be proud of, and leave our mark for future generations of skates and BMX'ers alike.

Here is a video by the Framework that details their mission!

The park is located near the Intersection of State and Hobson, it's attached to the back end of Fast Print. (click for a map).  BMX Session is currently Every Tuesday from 6-9pm for only $5 Bucks!

Come out and support your local BMX'ers!

Click here for the New Republic Skatepark website.

You can contact me for more information, and if you know Dan Butler, High Five's for this guy!

Rich Hoppe