Sunday, July 31, 2011

Riders Stuntman -Josh Pellot

Riders Stunt Team, Josh Pellot & his Stunt Coordinator
Chris Gerber

On any hot summer day somewhere near the famous corn fields of Indiana, we bring you a lone Stuntman by the name of Josh Pellot.  Josh wanted to be the 1st stuntman to make a name for himself, and keep in mind he never saw the movie "Hot Rod".  He is riding a 70 and is attempting to jump it over that 78 Chevy.  The atmosphere was a drunken biker party in Woodburn, Indiana, . He didn't practice or hesitate at all.  For the record, he crashed on the 1st attempt (sequence below) and he did pull it sketchy as all hell on the 2nd attempt!  Keep it real Josh, we look forward to the next stunt, 2 Trucks?

Josh Pelllot is Living the Dream!
 Josh Pellot - Riders Stunt Team
Sequence Shot of the 1st Attempt

-Posted by Rich Hoppe