Sunday, July 31, 2011

4910 Trails - Mike Tag Benefit Jam

Saturday July 16th, 2011
Brad Geisleman, 4910 Trails Boss

This day was one of the most amazing times ever to be had with friends on bikes, and friends of all kinds showed up to show support for Mike Tag.  It was a long hard fought course remodel with only a few months of decent weather to get things ready to go for the event.

Thanks to John Baron, Brad Geisleman, Ross Oberholtzer, Chris Gerber, Brandon Sassen, Jake Szybowski, (everyone that helped dig)and their family's for donating a bunch of time, and money to help get things ready in time.

The day went off cleanly, no fights, a real nice meat table, Mid-Western people bullshitting around, a few contests, and we had plenty of prizes and products donated by over 30 national and local sponsors.  It was so awesome to see all these people come together to help out, so awesome that we raised almost $2,000 in Total.  Dans Comp's Scott Towne was on hand to dish out $100 in cash/In-Store Credit, they also donated $200 to Mike's fund.

Thanks to sweet dudes like Steve Crandill, Stew Johnson, & Scott Towne, we have some memorable coverage from the event.  Check it out and you can still donate to the Mike Tag Fund

Video Edit by Stew Johnson - Featured on

FBM - Fort Wayne Don't Play

LeastMost - Faces of the Midwest

Dans on Tumbler



Way Back and Jesse Boneff, Chillen in the heat

Stew Johnson what else can I say...

Steve Crandall / Suzy Simon
Mid June
Early June....

Thor, keeping a look out
Main Set Hip Landing

Custom Made Vans Logo

Christina did great at the meat table all day long,  and helped me in
the house after the after party

Popular with the kids
These dudes killed it all day!

Dirt Work
Blistering Heat Can't Stop a Good Time!

Team Meeting, Myself, Brad Geisleman, John Baron

Heavy Hittin' Midwest Style

Mike Tag Beneft T-Shirt