Monday, June 4, 2012

4910 Trails Deluxe Video Release!

Seth Geiselman - Thumbs up for an amazing day of Riding Bikes!

The party when down all day long at the 4910 Trails, our local spot for BMX Dirt Jumping.  After a very long month of digging and shaping the dirt jumps the day arrived and brought a few hundred people with it from all over the mid-west region!
 The wind was gusting at times which made it a little bit more tricky than normal to get the tricks done, but everyone who showed up didn't seem to mind throwing up the sails and letting em fly!  We had a Raditude contest on the middle set which was won by Mike Potoczny out of PA, Glenn Salyers followed a close second place with his amazing bar humps, front flips, and 3 double whips.  Mike P was ripping everything to pieces and was a crowd favorite, not to mention a rolling party on wheels!

All the money raised will benefit the Athlete Recovery Fund, a fund that helps Action Sports Athletes get the much needed medical help when the worse of times arrive.  Overall the day was amazing with all kinds of different styles from riders everywhere.  Not to mention the amount of people who took home some of the 4910 dirt on their clothes and bodies.  People where bleeding, landing on their face and coming back for more!  This is what we live for, and the next round will be even more fun!

Cheers to  Deluxe BMX, & the Deluxe team riders, Mark Potoczny & Jeremy Ball who killed it all day and night long.  A very special thanks to John Baron (Trail Boss), & the Geisleman Family  who let us rip up the trails for the day, and every single person who made it out for the fun times!   Stay tuned for more bicycle fun times in the future!

Don't forget to visit our sponsors and let them know how amazing the day was here in Fort Wayne!

Dans Comp - Solution Action Sports - Ray's MTB Park in Cleveland, OH - The Rib Room - The Kitchen BMX and Skate Park, South Bend, IN - Sun Ringle Rims and the Brass Rail Bar downtown Fort Wayne - the after party was off the hook.  I was told that I mosh like a pussy! Good Times!

Some pics from the event below.... check the 4910 Trails Page for more pics!
Jeremy Ball on the Center Set!

Jake Szbowski Boosting the Middle Set!
Louisville, Cleveland, Michigan and Pennsylvania in this shot!
Keith Miller from Ray's MTB showed up with the GoPro and a box full of goodies for the Raffle!

As the day went on the line got longer on the way up!  Cheers to all the little dudes who came out and ripped it all day long!

2 Dudes in the air at the same time on the same jump! 
Center Set Action!
Mark Potoczny - John Baron (Trails Boss) - Jeremy Ball
John Baron stoked to get a new Deluxe frame with the Deluxe Team Pros on hand to hand it out!

Center Set with 3 dudes flying!

Andy Kobak all the way from Ray's MTB in Cleveland had a Bast all day long!
Mark Potoczny sideways!

Chad Newman table toppin

Riders Ready, Watch the Lights!

Dougie - Can't Mosh worth a shit

Infamous Fat House Original Playa - Reggie Styles after landing on his face!

Gettin Some!

Matt Patterson - Glad to be alive!

Michael Teal - Tearing shit up all day long - Muncie Indiana in the house!

Ryan Wert - aka So Cal Boosting the 1st set!

Climbing up the hill for another run!

Mike Potoczny - Radatude Contest Winner - Is there a correct way to spell Raditude?

Jake Szbowski - Louisville KY - Clean Trails Style!

-Posted by Rich Hoppe