Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Ravine - Rest in Peace

The Ravine March  13th, 2012

1986 is the year I first took my ride down this now paved path to the now infamous Ravine.  I recall riding through a dirt trail which seemed like it was 2 miles long.
 I was stoked to see what this place was all about, guys like Dan Lienerth and Barry McManus were the 1st ones to tell me about this mysterious location off what is now the River Greenway in Fort Wayne, IN.  I recall finally getting to the spot and it was no more than a "Ravine" that you rode down, and a small fly-out jump was on the other side.

For those of you who don't know about the Ravine, it became a meeting place and a major riding area for locals who just wanted to jump some dirt and have some fun with their buddy's.  Over the years it progressed into many different lines, Jumps, Sections such as "Matt's Hip", "Stump Jump", "In & Out", and "Long Rhythm" to name a few.  It was a place that kids of all ages could go to learn from each other, inspire one another, and most importantly have fun.

I decided to take a Ride yesterday to take a look at the now extinct Ravine.  As I rode up to the old site, I noticed that there was a bunch of construction going on near the old Ravine Site.  The city had to level the Ravine due to an expansion of the near by Water Treatment Facility.  When I finally reached the site, a blank canvas of was once was an amazing place for Riding BMX.

An overall feeling of sadness suddenly came over me as I reflected to all of the fun times I had back there flashed before my eyes.  From the very 1st time I ever saw the place, all the way through time to present. Flashing images of the Fat House Posse (FBM) who had a HUGE Impact on the Ravine.  They helped build a majority of the more popular sections out there and held big Jams over the years which in turn helped turn them into a major player in the game of BMX!

I have attached some photos for those of you who have not seen what this gigantic piece of BMX History.  We are now in hot pursuit of the next "Ravine" in the the Fort.  Keep your eyes peeled for things coming out of our Support Fort Wayne BMX initiave! and Keep Riding!

Shot of the River Green Way Current

Main Entry - Note the Huge Cable the now goes over the entrace

"In & Out"

The Original "Fly Out" Jump

This is how Close the Construction is at this point

The Place where everyone Chilled before Hitting the Jumps

In and out on the Left - The rest if Flat with new Trees just planted

Tires in the Air!

Rest in Peace Fort Wayne Ravine - Gone, But not Forgotten!