Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cleveland Ohio S&M and F-IT at Rays MTB and Chenga

    Riders Rider - Danny Rumple All of it!

Brian Foster and Scott Yoquelet - 2 Legends of BMX communicating about
the good old days at Zero Nine and Cycle Craft

 We packed up the rides, and headed to Cleveland
for one hell of an awesome weekend!  Legends of all kinds showed up and we had a blast riding till 1am at Rays MTB.  Check out the pics below and can't wait till the next trip!  Rays Mountain Bike Park is the SHIT!  Thanks to Chenga World as well for hosting Saturdays Mayhem!
Myself with BF, We were in some of the 1st ever BMX Dirt Jumping Comps well over 20 years ago, and still shredding in 2012! Stoked!!

Lil Alex, Lackey, and Jake Hattaway Rocking the Mike Tag Benefit
Original Riders Gear!

Bill Nitschke, Originator of the "Whopper" - kids do your research and you will
know what a Whopper really is!

Hop, Jake H, and Black Ass Chad at the Hotel well after 3 am...

Bill, Crit Dog, and Cody Clary - Hotel Room Parties are a Trip!

Jake Szybowski and a Lady Friend at Rays on Friday Night for
the 10-1am Private Session!

Mr. Mcque arranged the activities for the weekend
for S&M and Fit Bikes.  Here him and Scotty chat
about how they took down the Park Pre BMX
program.  Something about a snake in a van??


Posted - By Rich Hoppe