Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Donate to Support.BMX.FortWayne

I am proud to announce a new, but long overdue initiative by Riders, and all of the people over the years who have enjoyed our unique sport.  We are in the beginning stages of making something positive happen in our beloved City of Fort Wayne, IN.  We are looking for images, stories, videos, from people involved in our community who have impacted or just plain love the sport.

Our goal is to have a safe, legal place to ride our bicycles.  An outdoor place would be a great start, but ideally we would love to have something year round.  We have been very patient over the years and realize that now is the time to make things happen.  Visit our Facebook page to view all the content and you can help out the cause by Donating to the Support.BMX.FortWayne Cause by clicking the Pay Pal Donate button at the bottom of this Post!

-Posted By Rich Hoppe