Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Knox Rocks! BMX Contest Pics!

This last weekend the guys up at Werks BMX put together an amazing local comp that in the thriving metropolis know as Knox, Indiana. A perfect weekend for sunny sky's and a ton of shredders tearing up this one of a kind Skatepark.  Chris Mclaughlin, shown above in the green S&M shirt, of Werks BMX shop throws this Comp every year, and this year was one for the record books.

If you left this contest without any free gear, then you were not standing in the correct spot, product tosses were gong off all weekend, and the kids were stoked!  The amount of people who showed up for competition was amazing, around 30 amateurs, 6 Pros, and another 6 in the Dirty-Thirty Class.  The Beginner and Novice type guys threw down on Saturday, while the Advanced, Pro, and Dirty-30 Classes on Sunday.  The park had car shows, tweenagers running around doing who knows what in the woods, parents, and local supporters were not in short supply.  

The competition went off very smooth, and other than way too much trance music, no one went to the hospital and everyone was shredding!  I must say that I had an awesome time up there, and this is the kinda thing that BMX needs a whole lot more of!  Riders supports local, Rider owned, and operated ventures and this kinda thing is exactly why we do what we do, which is having fun, riding, and watching others tear stuff up!  I took all the pictures below and also entered the Dirty-30 Class, so there is no pics of the Dirt 30 Class available.  I believe they are gonna do another Jam this fall, and I hope they do, cause I speak for everyone when I say it was an epic and fantastic weekend for BMX!  We will keep you posted about any upcoming action coming out of KNOX.  Thanks to all who helped out the cause, sponsors, and all the people who made it a blast of time!

Results:  Congratulations to all these dudes, if you see em' out, get a High 5!

  1. Kade Wagner
  2. Johnathan Rowe
  3. Connor Rahn
  1. Jordan Bowen
  2. Tyler Bunton
  3. Ray Vanna
  1. Tyler Nowicki
  2. Dustin Hollard
  3. Dylan Lichkay
  1. Glenn Salyers
  2. Jake Szbowski
  3. Danny Rumple
Dirty 30 Class...

Had no judges, but I give it to Chris @ Werks BMX, for doin' the Werk on the gnarliest ababuca gap in the park, awesome as hell!  We could use some more dudes like him in our industry, making moves and keepin' in real.  Thanks again Chris for the keeping it BMX!

This was the group that entered the class, and we did take smoke breaks half way through

Josh Bullers
Chris Mclaughlin
Denver Annis
Ashley Bays
Jody Donnelly
Scott Yoquelet
Rich Hoppe
Jeremy Wysong

Here we go...

Product Tosses all weekend long

180 Turndown over the Spine

Mad Dog to Fakie

The Judges for Saturday

Tuck with No Hands!

Chris - Clean Barspin Air

Chris - Double Whip

I see Style!

Kool Aid!  
Downside whip over the Hip!

The Fort Wayne Crew Posting up to watch the young bucks on Saturday

Glenn did major work on this park!

Glenn Salyers

Glenn Salyers - Whip to footjam to whip in - Winner Pro Class!

Adam?  Clean Tuck over the Big Box! 
Jake - Turndown 3!

Jake Boostin' 
Jake Szbowski - Seat Grab

Jake Szbowski - Trails have keep him in good shape for plywood rampin!

Clean and Mean - The Razorback

Jordan Bowen, One Hander over the Gap

Rocking out!

Jordan Bowen - Winner Intermediate Class!

Kade Wagner - Winner Beginner Class!

Future Shredders!

No Footer!

Killing it all day long!

Danny, Glenn, and Chris - Judges for Day 2 Advanced Class

Danny Rumple, welcome back to BMX Son!

Danny Rumple - Nothing

Tyler Nowicki Barspin 3 

The rest of the pics will be up on the Riders Facebook page here in a few days, until then, keep Riding!

-Posted By Rich Hoppe